Vetting & Tanker Inspection Seminar, October 15-16 2013

A Vetting & Tanker Inspection seminar took place in our premises, by Capt. David Savage of Lloyds Register.

The main subject of the course is to provide to the marine, commercial and technical personnel, shipmasters and seagoing officers, a deeper understanding of oil company risk management, vetting systems and physical inspections. It is based on the requirements of the OCIMF Ship Inspection Report (SIRE) Programme to provide skills to deal effectively with tanker vetting and enhance the handling of inspection processes. The course had the opportunity to be attended by senior officers of our fleet.

The course combines lectures with practical exercises to raise awareness of issues that are critical to oil companies and the inspectors who undertake SIRE inspections. A “walk-around” of a tanker looks at many issues of concern and will assist attendees to think like an inspector. Action plans to assign responsibility and efficiently rectify shortcomings revealed in inspection reports are also addressed.

The importance of managing inspector observations and the methodology of writing effective responses to inspection report observations are covered in practical exercises.